So, as I stated yesterday, I went to the Oakland airport for some friends. My job was to follow them there and take home their company's luggage so they wouldn't have to trek it around San Francisco all day.
I was happy to make the trip. Kate and I had a great time driving and going to the temple, visitors' center and distribution center. We spent a ton of time in Bay Area traffic, too. What a delight...

When we finally got back into town, it was about dinner time. So, we met Jimmy at the local Panera for dinner. The day had already been long and going somewhere to eat really helped me to wind down. Because Jimmy had his car and I had mine, I sent Kate home with Jimmy so I could attend a meeting that night. The meeting wasn't scheduled for another hour, so I dropped off at my in-laws to get in some TV time.

I know, I know- a day full of wonderful things then I trash it. But, really- it was a food show, no trash- I swear. Well, there were only a few more episodes in the series and it was expiring from Hulu Plus in two days! What's a girl to do?! Well, skip the meeting- email in my part and sit my rump on the couch for s couple of hours, of course. I finished out the season and just loved it.

When I hopped in the car at 11:38pm, it was only then that I realized- I.forgot.to.take.the.luggage. !!!!! I FORGOT TO TAKE THE LUGGAGE!!! What was my whole purpose today?! What was it?!?!?! To bring the luggage!!!!! I had a freak out moment and drove like the dickens. In my mad rush, a panicked telephone call was made to Jimmy. Unfortunately, he did not answer. But fortunately, he still has a message saved on his phone where his wife sounds like a complete maniac....
Anyway, when I arrived at the home of the luggage owners, I was almost relieved to find that their car was not there. When I say almost it is because every terrible scenario entered my mind at this moment: "What if they drove back to the airport looking for me?!" or "What if they are driving up to my house right now to get the suitcases?!" or "What if they've moved because they were so appalled by my actions?!?!" Yes. I admit it. My mind went to even more dangerous places than these, folks.

Upon unlocking the front door and depositing the luggage, I realized that no one had been home yet. I let out a sigh and thought, "just as long as you get to work before the boss..." am I right?

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