Oh, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy....

Today at church, there was a musical number performed by a father and son in our ward. This family has four sons in their family, so seeing just one up there with the dad was a little out of the ordinary. Well, it is their new normal since the two oldest are either newly on a mission or newly married.

Anyway- while this duet was singing, it was a little rocky in some points, but I felt that they were handling it well and getting through the number fine. Because my defenses were low, however- Jimmy chose to, so they say, strike while the iron was hot. He looked over at me in all seriousness and said, "Can you just imagine Adam (the eldest and newly married) popping up between those two and saying, 'Hi Guys!'?"

Now, if you know their oldest son Adam, he is the tallest and thinnest of the group- so him popping up in the middle would have been hilarious because of the contrast in height and shape. The worst part is that at the exact moment Jimmy was making me choke/laugh just happened to be the precise time when the dad of the duet was staring right at me... while they were struggling through the song. So- it looked as if I was laughing at them in the midst of their struggle. Niiice...*Deep breath*

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