Side Effects

I had a great need for pain reliever today. Before work, I popped over to my mother-in-law's house to grab something really quick so I'd be fresh and ready to go without my pain being a distraction. All that she had to offer was Excedrin. Now, I have never taken this pain medicine before. I have to say, I should have just opted out and suffered through the pain!

I felt alright for awhile... until that stuff kicked in!
It hit me like a freight train- nausea, dizziness and severe lethargy.
I work at a daycare!!!
Those kind of symptoms should not be exacerbated by toddlers crawling all over you.
Fortunately for me, the kids are great and have a keen sense of when to lay low.
It took about 4 hours for the medication to wear off and it was terrible.
I will never again take that stuff...

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Amander said...

I had that happen when I worked at Hallmark. My co-worker offered me one with no idea that the outcome would be my utter incapacitation. I was unable to complete my shift and to this day I only list Excedrin as a medication that I should not EVER TRY AGAIN!