Camp, Day 1: My quarters

When we arrived at camp today, it was before the rest of the campers and leaders. You see, as part of the kitchen staff- we're special... and need to get a jump on all the food that will be provided this week. It's a strenuous schedule of waking up and cooking from dawn 'til dusk. And I love it. We have the same exact team in the kitchen as last year, which makes my heart sing!
What does not make my heart sing is sleeping in a closet all week. I am really only saying that to be dramatic. It isn't that bad. Except for the part that my quarters are smack dab in between the walls of the W.C. For those of you who may not understand the British references, I shall spell it out. My pretty little head is laid on a pillow each night in a closet that rest between two rooms, each with a very loud toilet. And so my night goes like this: snore, flush, snore, snore, turn over, flush, snore etc.

What I thought was so funny about the whole thing was this picture that would not leave my head:
In retrospect I realize that my have been why I referenced a few British terms. Well, might as well go for it then- Cheerio, gov'na!

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