Interesting Folks

Mostly when people use the word, 'interesting'  it denotes something of interest... mostly. Today 'interesting' was used in this way:

Those people at the park who were laying out on the field completely intoxicated in the midst of a child's birthday party were... interesting.
I went to my dear friend's son's birthday party at the park today. Just as we were about to pull up. my friend called nearly in tears. She had explained that there were some unwelcome people at the park just yards away from the party she had meticulously set out. It was actually quite sad. But, I went into protective mode with her. I came out ready to whip into action, whatever that meant...

She made the decision to move everything she had worked to hard to set out back to her house. Like pros, my kids hopped out of the car and had everything moved in no time. Then, our job was to return to the park to direct anyone that might be late to the party to her house. Well, I got to know those interesting people pretty well, in that one of the men and his nine year old son practically spewed information at me. I felt bad- not pity, but sorrow. I had sorrow for this poor little guy who was with his family who decided to be totally drunk while they were with him. I felt sadness when the boy told me so openly of his dad's time in jail. And when I read the "white pride" tattoo so visibly on the father's forearm. A lot of times, people might think I'm judging them by the way they are defensive in their manner of speech- but really, I just am sad. I am sad because when I see someone in a state that is less than best, I think about how they are a child of God. That person has been created in His image. At one point, they made a conscious decision to be on this earth. I see someone who could learn true peace if they just seek for it.

But I learned something recently- you can not share the Gospel unless someone is searching. Any truth cannot be found without someone first looking for it. I guess I just naturally want to do what is right- almost to a fault sometimes. But because the desire to choose the right is so great in me, I just assume everyone is the same. Not so.

So, although our run in with an interesting crowd was not really the highlight of my day, it did make me pause and think- what should I be searching for?

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