Chicken n' Waffles!

Ever since we went to The Pear and had chicken n' waffles TWICE IN ONE WEEK- Jimmy and I have used the phrase so much it had become almost embarrassing... almost. However, when one uses the two most beautiful words in the English language together so much- something must be done.  And so, we bring ourselves to this moment:
The most delectable and amazing and indescribable (but I will try) dinner we've had to date.
Start with a Belgian waffle made with yeast dough and laced with apple wood smoked bacon. Add cinnamon honey butter with sea salt on top, a piece of smoked paprika fried chicken and fresh maple syrup. Holy.Moly.
It was worth the work. And the ten day wait for our special waffle maker in the mail. You know, because a flimsy old Target waffle maker just won't do. I am not knocking Target. Target is my friend. But I am knocking the cheap waffle makers they sell. We went online to find the best. I have to be honest with you- the waffle maker cost as much as our dinner at The Pear- but not once do I regret the purchase. Well, maybe just that one time when I tried copying a picture (without reading instructions) from Pinterest... We put brownie batter in the waffle maker. And ended up scraping up millions of brown crumbs off the beloved waffle maker. But the bits were good. And I seriously need to get back in my weight loss competition...

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