Celebrations all around!

We were able to celebrate two wonderful things today!
First was the wedding of a dear friend's son
Next was a farewell to a newly called mission president

The wedding was just wonderful. I was thrilled to share this day with our friends. These friends are actually the family that will be taking our foster children next week when we transition to the next step in the adoption process. We have had these boys solely as foster children but hope to take another sibling set to adopt. It's actually kind of a miracle the way things turned out. When Jimmy and I started our last cycle of the weight loss program, we were on a team with this couple. Because email is not really their thing and we already had Mondays set aside for the family, we decided to alternate hosting dinner and FHE in our homes. This family got to know our boys for eight weeks. When the other pulled me aside and mentioned wanting to take the boys- I was thrilled! What a HUGE blessing. We had already given the date for transition and were very nervous about where the boys would end up. Like, losing sleep- nervous. When I learned of the intentions of this family, a great weight was lifted from my shoulders. What is pretty amazing is that the placement approval was finalized two days before the wedding. Meaning, the family could share this happy news with their extended family when they came into town for the wedding. Right in the nick of time, I say!!!

And the farewell was so special. The man called to be a mission president in Oklahoma was actually the bishop when Jimmy and I got married. He was the bishop that counseled us as we prepared to be sealed for all time and eternity. This wise man was so helpful to us in our early and young relationship. To see him off was a true blessing for me and Jimmy.

Today was filled with wonderful emotions and great friends. It was pretty awesome.

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