Friendly visitor

Our visit at the beach house has been phenomenal. It is just what I needed. Because things are going so well, I have little to share on this here blog. Well, little to share about the beach house. BUT, I do have something to share that happened right before we left!
This little guy came to our door step the night before we left for the beach house. I cannot even try to convey the cuteness of this little guy. He was hunting and pecking around and all I could do is squeal. It's a wonder that my high pitched frequency did not break the glass. At one point this little baby skunk trying getting in by putting his little paws on the glass and peeking in at us. It was o adorable, I almost let him in. This sweetie pie hung around for quite awhile. I was nervous that his mama was near by, but he seemed to be all alone, making him that much more precious. The baby skunk finally left after nearly twenty minutes and so adorably trying to get in the house and toppling over in the process. If he didn't scare me so terribly, I would have kept the sweet boy and named him something equally adorable... 

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