Camp, Day 5: Salt of the earth

There is a very sweet cook that works in the kitchen with us that apparently doesn't like anything sweet. This particular cook continues to salt anything and everything that they are cooking to the point of being inedible sometimes.

When the many warnings were given out about salting things too much were ignored, the rest of us had to take matters into our own hands. Rather than ask that cook for the fortieth time to keep the salt light, we all came up with a great solution.

One day, we took the salt shaker into the pantry (where no one would see our little stunt) and took off the lid. Fortunately for us, the salt shaker is not see-through. So, we were able to put tape in the underside of the shaker's lid and replace it without anyone knowing what we had done.
It may seem devious, but nothing got thrown out that day :)

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