How relaxed I already feel...
Melanie and I arrived at the beach house today for a week full of fun, sun and relaxation. I am so excited to be here after the emotional craziness we've experienced in the past few months.
Although getting here was a little like delayed gratification.
At first it was fun to stop so many times.

Stop 1) LARRY'S!
Oh my goodness, folks. I just LOVE Larry's. Most of you already know this fact about me. And also the fact that I call him my boyfriend. And also the fact that I once called him my boyfriend to his face, not knowing I was speaking to the actual Larry... We had a blast shopping with our wheelbarrow for five cantaloupes that I am sure will be consumed rather quickly and other such goodies. Not so much fun using the porta potty...

Stop 2) Target in Milpitas
Quite possibly the largest Target with most empty parking lot I have ever seen. As always, I ended up buying more than planned- but I used my redcard, wherein my forgiveness lies. No judgment, y'all. If you don't have a Target redcard yet, please get one. And then thank me.

Stop 3) Costco
The Costco in Santa Cruz is interesting... mostly because many residents of Santa Cruz are interesting. The best part was standing in the longest line ever to buy light salad dressing so I didn't lose any points on the full fat Caesar dressing on the food court salad. It always feels funny to buy one thing at Costco. Especially when you walk out with it. One day I might try and do that while hiding it under my jacket. I think that might be funny. Maybe.

Stop 4) Trader Joe's in Capitola
Because one never has too much Buffalo jerky. Ever.

Let the relaxing commence.

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