For the best.gal.ever.
This girl is expecting a sweet little girl and I was lucky enough to be invited to her baby shower. She has chosen the name Jane for her little girl- so what do I do? Why, crochet a blanket for little Jane and watch TV shows that solely have a main character named Jane, of course! I had such a great time picking my way through Netflix to find the perfect shows to watch while I was creating this labor of love (hahaha! 'labor' of love! That pun was not intended at all- but I like it!). It was fun to thinking all these sweet good thoughts while making something for someone I loved. It seems that other people had the same idea. Because a majority of the gifts were handmade. It just goes to show how much Cammie is really loved. You don't make hand made gifts for someone who is just, 'eh.' What is one of the very best gifts however (and not handmade- but you will understand once I tell you what it was) was a collection of literary masterpieces turned board books. They were phenomenal. I WILL buy them for the next baby shower I attend... or for myself. The best, I think was the Wuthering Heights board book.

It used quotes from the story and had different types of weather on each page. Also, in the Pride a Prejudice numbers board book, the number 10 was represented as '10,000 pounds per year'. Hilarious, I tell ya!

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