Music to my ears

Thank goodness I've never claimed being anything like Tiger Woods- because I hate to be wrong.
Jimmy, Kate and I went golfing while the boys were out and about. In fact, it was the first time all three of us had been together since February. We spent the day laughing.

First, we headed over to a cute little breakfast place called Biscuits. Everthing on the menu is southern with a California twist. We really enjoyed it- unfortunately not so much with the biscuits and gravy. There was no sausage in the gravy- what?! my brothers would be APPALLED...
However, everything alse was pretty amazing.

But folks, this post is not about food (shocker, I know) It is really about how I went to golf course and hit a ball so hard that I BROKE A GOLF CLUB. That is definitely something my brothers would be proud of. My swing had improved- but I didn't know that much!

Then we spent the rest of the day reading at the library and being quiet- something that hasn't happened in our home for months. Truly, a fabulous day filled with laughter. I forgot how nice Kate's giggle was...

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