Camp, Day 3: Sinful

Sinful-ly good, that is!
Working in the kitchen was fabulous. Nothing more fabulous than having chocolate chip cookies, ice cream, IBC rootbeer, Cheetos etc. at your very fingertips. Especially if those fingertips are enjoying a hiatus between weightloss challenge cycles! If all those things didn;t sound enticing enough, I bring you our new specialty in the kitchen this year:
Chocolate Ganache Covered Rice Crispy Treats!!!
(Can you tell Stephanie was in the kitchen? Ganache- really?!)

And here is the fabulous recipe (be forewarned- just reading this recipe may cause artery blockage...)

Follow recipe on Rice Crispy box for the treat recipe. When pressed into pan, cover with this:

1 cup chcolate chips
6 Tablespoons butter
dash of kosher salt
Melted in the microwave until soft (about 35 seconds)
Stir until smooth, pour over treats and put in the freezer for 10 minutes.
You may need to double (or like we did, quadruple- eek!)

You have just been given the secret to a happy life. You're welcome friends.

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