Exclamation Marks!!!

I recently read a touching talk from the October 2002 General Conference by Colleen K. Menlove called, "A Voice of Gladness for Our Children"

In her opening statements, Sister Menlove shares her love for exclamation marks. She then quotes scriptures with the punctuation aforementioned. I loved reading that talk and made a few notes. It really did touch my spirit. It's funny how Heavenly Father works, though. Not even four days after reading that talk, I was reminded of the use of the exclamation mark when singing the camp song for our ward today in sacrament meeting. The song this year was, "Walk tall, you're a daughter of God". I already love that song! But, when singing it today, I was struck so profoundly. The one sentence in the whole song that uses an exclamation point is, "He loves you!"

When I read and sang those words, I was so overcome by the love I felt directly from my Father in Heaven. Fortunately, I was singing with everyone who had been at camp, because I stopped singing and silently thanked God through tears for the love I felt. It was a good week at camp. I enjoyed myself immensely. I enjoyed the Spirit that always accompanies camp. That song and it's reminder of God's love for me definitely put an exclamation mark at the end of a wonderful week at camp!

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