Missionary Broadcast

We went to the missionary broadcast today. Wow. What an amazing broadcast. Let me lead up to that point in our day, though. You guys! THis is so cool!

Church ended at noon and we needed to return at 3:00. It takes us about 30 minutes to get home from church- sometimes less. Jimmy and I were debating on whether or not we should trek home and eat lunch or pack a picnic and eat at the church. Hmmm... Ultimately, we decided to head home, get a quick lunch, change, go for a walk, change again and return to church. Yes, yes, I know... we are crazy. But I really like being crazy. It suits me.
So, we moved forward with our plan and went home after church.
On our walk (after we ate and after we changed and before we changed again and drove back to church), we stopped by the neighbor that we've been sharing the gospel with, Sue. She just happened to be out tending to her goats. We had a great conversation with Sue and invited her to another missionary discussion in our home. She was happy to accept. I, of course was thrilled.

Flash forward to the missionary broadcast. Do you know how good it feels to be at a meeting when you have just already done what our leaders have admonished us to do?! It's like studying for a pop quiz before you even know it's happening! I felt so great. But I also felt the urgency to do more. To be more. To do my very best. I just felt so loved and buoyed up. If you didn't get to watch the broadcast, please do so here.
Happy viewing, all!

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