Girls' Camp Overload

Tomorrow, I am leaving for Girls' Camp!!!
Which means that the next week of posts will be all.about.camp.
Kinda like me...

I am nervous for Jimmy. He will battle the children (and bedtime and wake up and dinner)by himself, all week. Luckily, my mother-in-law and my neighbor's mother-in-law and my dear friend Melanie will be helping while Jimmy's at work. I printed out (or rather Jimmy printed out at work because yesterday just happened to be the day our printer ran out of ink- yay!) schedule booklets for the kids to take everywhere they go. Also, packed all their clothes for the week in bags labeled with each child's name and day to be worn. Plus, I took a trip to Costco today with all the kids to give Jimmy a break before tomorrow and stock up on everything needed.

You know what's going to happen though... the kids will wear the same outfit all week and eat pizza each night.

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