All together now

Yesterday, our family sang in church. It was really nice in that most of the kids sang. I had everyone in matching outfits. (I would say, 'pictures to follow' but we all know I am never getting everyone back in those outfits just to take pictures)
The boys looked so dapper and little Kate was beautiful. The member of the bishopric actually commented on how we all looked so nice. Feeling so pleased with myself- you know, after getting all four kids ready alone because Jimmy always has a morning meeting- I lovingly looked down the pew at my brood. It was then that I notced one kids trying to take off his shirt and another playing with something in his armpit. Upon further inspection... one kid was trying to get the tag out of the inside of his shirt while the other was playing a game with the tag hanging down from his armpit!!!

Well, we matched outfits, but so much for having it all together. You know, I think I need to re-hang the sign sitting in the closet since the last time I painted, "We may not have it all together, but together we have it all"
Yeah, hanging the sign, that'll happen...

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