I feel so edified after genenral conference. This weekend was just so fabulous. I used to take copious notes, but then a friend told me something she learned directly from Elder Bednar. He taught that rather than take notes during a talk/conference, to go home and do so afterwards. And this is why: all the words said in conference are noteworthy, uplifting and wonderful. However, what you remmeber after the meeting is what you should really pay attention to. So, folks- I don't take notes.

What I took away from the meeting was the urgency for peace. Many a speaker mentioned the need to disconnect from electronics. Also, I was very touched by the desire I had to become a better parent because of all the talks on that subject. I did think it funny that I was such a beast to the kids when I was trying to get them to be quiet so I could feel the Spirit. I think that beastly attitude might have taken away from it a little...

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