Costco and the Crazy Lady

The ONLY time I had all week to make a Costco run was today, on school half-day, with all four kids. I knew going into it, that this day would just about kill me. Now, going to Costco with all four is no problem... but when I had to purchase everything for a catering event AND our family- I have to admit I was awfully intimidated by the prospect. We started our trip off right... in the food court! Then, headed over to get THREE shopping carts. We walked through Costco like a train. It was actually quite humorous. I had the kids so busy doing things, they didn't have time to misbehave. The carts were so full that one of the kids couldn't see over the top. The picture below is misleading because I had already nearly emptied one of the carts before I thought to take a picture.

I had a great time, but I am still tired...

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