Pity Party Post

Like that alliteration! I was too lazy to look back on my blogging archives, but I am pretty sure I've used that post title before. It is so clever, after all.

Well, here I am knee deep between two events and shopping for a family of six and cooking, cleaning, working at the day care, working at the school, driving kids to appointments, waiting three hours at office for appointments to be done, doing all that is neccessary to keep the Spirit in our home just to have it chased away by one kid....

Let the pity party begin!

And now, that we've had that little celebration, I would like to celebrate another few things:
I am grateful for the resources I have to go shopping
to live in a place where food and clean water is readliy available
to have the talent of cooking not only to feed my family, but to help others
to have a job that I LOVE at the daycare
to have healthy children
to have the tools and knowledge to get the Spirit in our home
 I have more gratitude than pity for all that I have been given. But somedays, all I want to do it have a party. I do like excitement...

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