'Twas a perfect day

I celebrated my birthday with gusto (and Jimmy)- and loved every second of it!
Here's the rundown:
Slept in until 6:22 am (a real treat, I tell ya!!!)
Stopped at Bouchon- yum!


Went on a 4 hour hike- woo hoo!

Ate lunch at Squeeze Inn- oh.my.gosh.
Watched Oblivion- meh.
Bought $40 per lb halibut- it was a birthday dinner and I only got 1/2 lb.
Got a slice of champagne cake- my absolute favorite- hands down.

Made a delicious kidless dinner for me & Jimmy- silent AND delicious!

Picked up kids- all sleepy. I almost got knocked out by the little happy guy's sleeping, flailing arms.
Went to bed- with a smile on my face.
What a perfect day.

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