Let's get physical!

As part of the health program I am participating in, I have to exercise everyday.
Today was so crazy that I knew it would be near impossible to get any time in.
Then, lightbulb! I would get in my exercise at work!
I work at a daycare. Working at a daycare IS exercise... but I wanted to do more.
So, I took the kids to the park a played tag until they begged me to stop. Poor kids were exhausted!!! Then I had each one take turns holding my feet while I did sit ups. I let the kids choose how many I would do- fortunately, they are not teenagers (that would use this opportunity to torture me) and chose single digit numbers. When I came up, I would make faces at the kids. They thought it was pretty fun until my faces all started to look like I was grunting and sweating. We finshed the routine off with them counting how many push ups I could do. Sometimes you just have to get creative, right?!

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