Picky Eater

One child under our roof is quite possibly the pickiest eater I have ever met. I cannot get over it! I make food for people ALL THE TIME and they have never complained. Imagine the humungous bruise to my ego every day when someone cries because they have to eat what I made?!
On one such occasion, this little guy had a complete and total meltdown at having to eat sweet potatoes. It was bordering on ridiculous (just as it always does...) when the two oldest kids decided to be merciful. They snuck into the kitchen to grab forks. Then before anyone knew what was happening, those two swooped into the dinig room, forks brandished and ate all the of the picky guy's sweet potatoes! It was the sweetest thing for a few reasons.
One, the two older children rarely work together.
Two, the oldest has never, ever thought of such a kind thing to do for anybody- and it was HIS idea!
Three, the oldest also does not appreciate my sweet potatoes as much as all the remaining member of my family... he actually gagged a little with such a huge bite in his mouth.

The beaming face on my picky eater was all the payment those two needed.

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