Dog Days

Jimmy and I go on a mini-date each week.
It is a golden 25 minutes downtown in between the end of his work day and picking up up of four children. This date is always blissful.
Because we're together... and we eat junk without having to share with the kids.

There is a multitude of eateries to choose from. Wonderful, fabulous places full of my kind of food... And because we are doing our Great in 8 challenge together, we use this mini date to use our free negative food points to splurge.
Yesterday was heaven- but I did not realize the extent to which Jimmy has felt deprived on this program. As we were enjoying our (wait for it) freshly made churros with dulce de leche and dark chocolate dipping sauce at Bistro Sabor, I looked up in surprise.
My sweet, polite husband was licking the inside of the dark chocolate dipping cup.
Like a dog.
Or a person avoiding chocolate for 8 weeks, rather.
When my mouth dropped open at his lack of manners, the dawn of recognition crossed my husband's face. He turned white as a sheet, dropped the cup and said, "I cannot believe I just did that."
Then we walked away from the restaurant, Jimmy with his tail between his legs.

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