Together Forever

As you well know, we are a hiking (all the time) family. We went as a family to the "frog hike" in Sonoma. It is called the "frog hike" because halfway through the hike, you drop down into a little creek just filled with frogs. When you walk, it looks like the ground is moving because there are so many frogs jumping around. So fun!

Anyway, the park closes and locks its gates at 4:30. We showed up at 2:30.

With very little time to hike before getting locked in and having to have a sleepover with the frogs, we were on a mission. What is so nice about being on a timeline is that the kids were really motivated. I have never seen them move so fast! Rather than stop every two minutes for water, those kids were hauling! Jimmy and I stayed back and watched them encourage each other through the tricky steps and difficult slopes. It was really nice to watch everyone work so hard towards a common goal.

I guess that's what we're trying to do here, huh? Just work hard towards a common goal? I am glad I have such great people to work with.

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Anonymous said...

Frog hike!!! You absolutely have to take me!!