Great in 8 round two

 Jimmy and I are doing this round of Great in 8 together with another couple and already having a great time. I do have to say the dynamics are different, I am still adjusting. But, I am noticed that I should probably change up my team every round because I feel I might have gotten too comfortable with my previous team. I am also realizing that this program needs to be a constant in my life. Not just because of the weightloss aspect, but the whole self aspect. This program encourages development in all things good and I need that. I have grwon to be my best self on Great in 8. I highly recommend it to all.

Our team is rotating hosting a healthy dinner while the other couple provides a Family Home Evening lesson. What fun we had this week and what fun I feel we will continue to have. I am really looking forward to the before and after pictures from this round!

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