We're mean...

The oldest kid has a real thing with socks... I know, right?! That boy is obsessed with Nike Elite socks (don't ask me why- I don't know) to the point that he mowed the WHOLE lawn today to open a pair that came in the mail.
You see, we buy socks for Mr. Big Stuff.
But not Nike Elite.
Oh dear!
What must one do in the House of Graham if one wants an $18 pair of socks?!
Why work for it, of course!
Now any of you that know where we live know our lawn is big. Mighty big.
When the deal was struck, Mr. Big Stuff was eager to pay off his debt.. for a whopping three minutes. His interest in the socks ebbed- until they came in the mail today. And so, with package sitting on the parents' bed, Mr. Big Stuff went off to mow and mow and mow.
Little did he know, Jimmy and I opened the package, put in a pair of old ugly socks and resealed it. Please refer to the title of this post...
When Mr. Big Stuff came in sweating, panting and exhausted he just kept repeating, "socks...socks...socks..." And so, mean parents that we are, made all pomp and circumstance in opening the package. We sat the boy down in the 'nice' chair and watched eagerly as he gingerly opened the package.
The look on his face warrants a future strike from a bolt of lightning right on my person.
But I think a little shock is worth it, don't you?!

p.s.- Mr. Big Stuff was only upset for a second and then he laughed when he realized the ol' bait and switch we pulled. I will be sleeping with one eye open tonight, folks.

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