Miss Sydney's Farewell

So, I know the picture of me is bad... but this is not about me. This post is about my sweet Sydney.
I met SYdney when she was 12 and I was 21. She was a first year camper and I was a first year leader. Along with her best but Cammie, we all three hit it off. And by a chance that I know is not coincidence- I served withthese girls for their whole camping experience. I love Sydney and Cammie. We have spent some tender, silly and specatular moments together. I love them.
Well, in a proud moment- I got to attend Sydney's missionary farewell today. Sydney attends a small branch in St. Helena and the room was packed! Sydney's parents spoke along with Sydney. I was brimming with tears all day. I am so proud of sweet Sydney and her choice
to serve Heavenly Father in THAILAND!
My favorite quote from Sydney today:
"I'm going to place where the letters look like noodles, but I know I'll be okay."
I Love Syney. I am so proud of who she's become and who she will become...

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