When I started my hike this morning, I knew I wanted to increase my intensity. Getting out of the car, I was full of desire to run the trail... then I started running. For like a minute. And then, I slowed to a brisk walk thinking, "it's still exercise..." But I had already lost the desire to push myself. When I crested the next hill, I came to see this:

Right in the middle of the path was a huge longhorn. HUGE.
It was very close. VERY CLOSE.
Now, I knew I wanted a more challenging work out- but I did not want that to include running from a longhorn...
In case you were ever wondering if saying, "Hi Cow... hi cow... hiiiii cow" in a soothing voice works to make it walk away, it doesn't.
I kept inching my way closer hoping that the longhorn and her two babies (oh yeah, I do it right! Not just a cow with one baby but TWO. I was hoping this wasn't a mama bear situation) would get startled and leave. But not so, my friends. She just kept staring at me, chewing her cud.

Then, one of the babies started coming! towards! me! What was I to do?!?!? I said a prayer that went something like this, "I really want to hike, I really don't want to die, what should I do?" Of course the answer was to climb the cliff to my left up to the top. Of course. So, I bolted up the cliff and grasped/crawled my way to the top of the mountain. Thankfully, the cow hanging out at the top of the cliff was so startled by a sweaty grunting woman crawling over the side that it ran in fright. Now, where was THAT cow when I needed it?! (By the way, a cow running in fright is actually quite a funny sight)
When I got to the very tip top of the mountain, I was able to do my scripture study and such. And I got to thinking... I had intended a difficult workout. I anticipated difficulty- even wanted it. But, I got lazy. I would have made it to the top of the mountain. But, with the huge horned obstacle in my path, I was compelled to take a difficult path. I still ended up where I wanted to be. The path was just different.
Isn't that just like life? "Heavenly Father, I want to grow." and BOOM! Adversity at your doorstep. Would I have chosen the trials I have? Not in this earthly life.
Am I grateful for what trials I do have? Absolutely.
My goal is to get to the top- and if I get to do it in style, then so be it.

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