Best Weekends of the Year!

I look forward to conference much like a child anticipating Christmas. I plan special food and clean the house top to bottom almost as if the Prophet is actually coming to our house. For our foster children, I knew it might be a stretch to get them to sit down for all four sessions. They are just learning how to sit for sacrament meeting! But, we planned a great day and invited the missionaries and everything. In retrospect, I don;t know if it was such a great idea to have the missionaries over because I wanted the children to be SILENT so the missionaries could listen. But, the game we played for the session in which the missionaries joined us was a hit and everybody was silent!!!

I had eight bowls with different treats in them. For each bowl, there was a label with a a key word. Each time the keyword was mentioned, the kids got to grab that treat. Good idea, in theory. Eight bowls was probably too much... The youngest little guy looked up at me half way through the second talk and said, "My tummy don't feel too good..." Even though it was adorable when he said it, I felt bad for the little guy. But, the older kids bagged everything up and saved the treat for a later indulgence. These are the bowl contents and words we used:
Jesus Christ/Savior- m&m's (this one was said ALOT)
Spirit/Holy Ghost- cocoa puffs
Scriptures- skittles
Atonement- raisinets
Sacrament- strawberries
Love- pineapple
Faith- clementine segments
Prayer- whole wheat mini crackers

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