Maybe last night was the wrong night to get 4 hours of sleep...

I work at a daycare when the kids are at school. I love it.
I really look forward to seeing those little preschoolers and playing with them.
The only thing that I could do without is the potty training...
Today started out very successfully- beautiful weather, exercise clothes and a willingness to work out with the kids again. I was so amped up by the time I got to work that the kids sensed my excitement. The air was a buzz with anticipation. Everyone went potty and off we went. One little boy is potty training and did very well using the restroom before leaving.
However, when a  child is given miralax with breakfast (unbeknownst to me) things might move at a rapid pace in the potty department. There was the equivalent of a bomb going off in that poor little boy's pants. We went quickly back to the day care.

My plan of attack was this:
put messy child in restroom
run to get his extra clothes
put on a movie for remaining children
clean up messy child

Messy child's plan of attack:
get the mess in every nook and cranny as fast as humanly possible

His plan of attack succeeded... and for the first time I ever, I had to fire up the shower at daycare. It was a loooong day.

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