We heart the Cameo

There is an amazing little theater in downtown St. Helena that our family frequents. The cinema just underwent a renovation, which meant it was closed for a couple of months. I have to admit, I really missed that place. We went with Kate this morning while the boys were otherwise engaged.

When sent the email from the Cameo regarding their upcoming family show, I was in a tizzy trying to secure tickets. You see, it is not uncommon for this theater to have free showings each month. And the family movie happened to be free. Because I learned about it late in the week, I was concerned about us, first of all, getting tickets- and secondly, getting suitable seats (you know the cushy velvet couches they have in the back) And so after talking to the owner (we're close-ish) I was able to secure tickets. When arriving at the theater only twelve minutes before the show, I was in full panic mode= mommy's crazy.

After ushering (hahaha- that pun was intended, people) Jimmy and Kate into the theater with near brute force, I was frankly shocked at what we found. No one was in the theater. No One. So, so sad... but I did get a sweet seat. And people did start trickling in later. Because of the small crowd in attendance, the owner gave each child a free t-shirt! Also, as part of the family weekend- we were invited to a craft activity at a local art studio and to a q&a with a Pixar animator who worked one on one with the kids. Unfortunately, we missed out on that opportunity because we had previous plans. But, I do hope that more people start to attend all that Cathy (the owner I'm chummy with) has planned for our community.

If you are local- please check out Cameo Cinema online. If you add yourself to the email list- you get special invitations to all kinds of events. See you at the movies!!! (as my BFF, Cathy always says)

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