How we celebrate holidays

What we had planned for today: Laze around the pool all day. Sit in the sun. Enjoy the children's laughter. Have a perfect game of baseball. Eat some juicy watermelon. You know... the good stuff.

What we actually did: Spent all day cleaning out our car. Not just vacuuming, either. Taking the seat and carpet out.of.the.car. Having my father-in-law professionally steam clean them. Bleaching the carriage. Yet, still the smell of sour milk permeated every breath. And then- oh gosh- I pulled up the false floor leading to the wheel well holding the spare tire. And, jack pot! We have been making cheese in the car for the past two (very hot) weeks while driving around town. I am a multi-tasker! The smell when I lifted the hatch was so bad, I lost my lunch. Fortunately not in the car. Although, I am not entirely convinced it would not have improved on the smell.

Jimmy and his dad used to wet vac to suck out my culinary creation. It was so thick it almost clogged the hose. Niiiice...

Then, after a full day of scrubbing, bleaching, hauling and other verbs that involve working hard- we left the fan in the car to dry the carpet all night. The car still stinks, and I didn't get any watermelon...

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