Feast or Famine

My dad was admitted to the hospital on Monday morning. By the time I heard the news it was early afternoon. When I called the hospital to talk to him- he was really hungry. You see, my dad hadn't eaten since Friday and it was Monday afternoon. Now, if you had been fasting for days, would you really want to break that fast with hospital food?! Nah... so my brother Jim was going to get my dad a turkey sandwich. By the time I had called my dad, though, Jim hadn't gotten there. And in the middle of our conversation, he broke down a ordered a turkey sandwich from the hospital. But, I was not about to let my dad eat from the hospital menu!!! What was I to do when he was in Utah and I was here in California?! That, my dears, is when Jimmy John's steps into the picture. Did you know that sandwich shop delivers to hospitals? Neither did I! And they totally saved me by taking my credit card over the phone AND carrying Dr. Pepper.

Thanks, Jimmy John's for letting me be there when I couldn't actually be there.
Luckily my dad got the sandwich I bought him... and the one from hospital... and the one from my brother.
 Like the title says, "Feast or Famine" apparently my dad was busy having a veritable Thanksgiving of the sandwich sort.

p.s. My dad taught me well... I just finished writing a letter to Jimmy John's thanking them for fabulous service.

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