Called to Serve

What a day...
when we arrived at church today, the missionaries were at each door entering the chapel. They gave out index cards and pens to each person as they went to sit down. When the meeting  started, the Bishop gave a talk about missionary work and invited us to use the index card we had all been given to write the name of someone we might want to invite to church. Whether it be someone who was not in attendance that particular day or someone not of our faith that might like to come. I had written down two names.

When the Bishop was done speaking, the remaining speakers took the rest of time with usual church topics. Just before dismissal to classes, the Bishop returned to the pulpit and asked that we take the remaining two hours of church to visit the people on our index card and invite them to church the following Sunday.

What?! I was actually thrilled!

He then continued by assuring us that the Primary was taken care of by the youth and Bishopric. Also, if we didn't have a name on the index card, to get a name that was prayerfully submitted by the different auxiliary presidents. The announcement was unexpected, but exciting. Some people went into a panic and left the building hastily, before they might be given a name to visit. Jimmy and I left the church quickly with names in hand. I have never served a full time mission- but I'd like to think I spent those two hours the way I might serve a full time mission. First and foremost, Jimmy and I said a prayer. Then we headed off to the first home. I had felt prompted to visit a family that also attends Kate's school. It was a wonderful visit. I felt the Spirit so strongly and also felt directed entirely on what to say. I have to admit, it was pretty rad. The second home we went to, the family
 was not there. But it was okay. I don't doubt we will be blessed for our participation today. Actually, the Bishop promised blessings for following through with what was asked of us. I feel like the experience itself was a blessing. Anyway you slice, I count today as a total win.

*that picture is titled 'Lazarus' and is drawn in blue ball point pen by the Bishop's son- pretty righteous, huh?! Dude, what's the deal with my 80's slang today...

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