So here's a food post

As many of you know, I am an avid Trader Joe's fan- a loyalist, really. There is a quarterly flyer that the supermarket, or Mecca (I choose to call it the former) sends to its customers. I read it just as religiously as you might think. In the flyer this time around, there was an ad for an interesting thing called the, 'kumato'. Weird name? Yeah, pretty much. The subheading on the package calls it a brown tomato. In my opinion, both names were a turn off. However, upon reading the description, I had to give the 'kumato' aka 'brown tomato' (blech.) a try.

H-O-L-Y      M-O-L-Y, folks!

As close to homegrown as I have EVER found in a supermarket, er, Mecca.
This is a terrible picture of my tomato, mozzarella and basil salad. I assure you, it was much, much, much better than it looks. And so, I will now be collecting a check from my friendly neighborhood TJ's for my recommendation...maybe.

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