I still smell...

This morning, I had a catering event at the public library. To start matters off on the wrong foot, I was late. So late that the coordinator called me at home and asked if I remembered the event.
Strike One.
(here's my excuse: I have four kids- three needed lunches and two had a field trip. Youngest lost a shoe, just like every day.)

When I got to the event and unloaded, the women in the kitchen plugged in the coffee urn without putting water in it first. When I returned to the kitchen with the next load, there was a funny smell. I pulled off the top of the coffee urn and smoke started coming out. Correction- billowing. Billowing smoke. In the public library. Under the smoke detector.

And what goes through my mind?
Ahhh!!! I am in the PUBLIC LIBRARY. With tons of books! That will all be ruined by the sprinklers! I will be fined for every ruined book!
So what do I do?
I threw myself over the urn to absorb as much of the smoke as I could. I covered it with my body, took off my sweater and put it over the top- the works, folks.
This all happened while the coordinator and helpers were opening the doors and swinging them to get the smoke out. Niiiice...
Strike Two.

And then something I did in the way I placed my equipment made the head librarian start throwing things around the kitchen. In front of the staff in the kitchen. It was awk-ward!
Strike Three.

Would you like to know the good news?
I got a tip :)

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