I work these poor kids to death!

We spent ALL DAY doing a clean house sweep.

Now, it is true that this sounds just as bad as it is. First of all, I would like you to know that the kids do chores everyday- they are entirely responsible for cleaning their designated area. So... usually that means not clean to Mommy's standards. Meaning, Mommy has to re-do a lot when the children are at school.

This Saturday was the first Saturday in 6 weeks since we had nothing planned, er, nothing outside of home that might actually be fun planned, rather. I had plenty planned...

I broke down each room in the house into 6 separate jobs. Then, we ALL went into that room at the same time and did a clean sweep. We did not move to the next room until everyone's job was well done. The reward set for a job well done was swimming.

Well...  the day started out fabulously. Each room someone new got to choose the Pandora station. We were rocking out! Picture this: kid in a shower (with clothes on- scrubbing, not bathing), kid cleaning toilet, kid cleaning floor, kid cleaning huge bathtub, mom and dad smiling and working too. When you take those same six people and add them to a room one fifth the size of the first room and 12 rooms later- the rocking out comes in short supply, folks.

Even though fuses might have been short by the end of a long cleaning day-
we all got to go swimming.
It was all worth it.
And I still had to re-do it...

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