Middle Man's Birthday

Our 8, now 9 year foster son celebrated his birthday today. As with all Graham Family celebrations, we did so with gusto!

The day was looong. We first attended our ward, where the children all received a brownie in Primary for accomplishing a goal... then they all got a brownie for Middle Man's birthday... then we went home and had another sweet treat... then we went to another ward and their linger longer, where they had- you guessed it- more treats... let's not forget the cupcakes we had after dinner, readers!

My kids were entirely too sugared up for my taste.

But in between the hyper activity, we had some pretty amazing moments.
The second sacrament meeting we attended was at the Vets' home where my in-laws coordinate church for the members living there. It was really special. Kate gave a talk and the boys sang, "Army of Helaman". Then an enlisted Marine spoke and the Spirit was so strong. What a blessing it was for us to spend time with the veterans who fought for our country and freedom. I just kept thinking about the freedom I have to choose my religion- that I am able to pray freely.

When we got home from the vets' home- we ate Middle Man's chosen dinner with Nana and Papa. As part of Middle Man's gift, he received a basketball. Oh man, the coveted basketball! It was a good day filled with good times that will make good memories.

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