All this catering is paying off

I came down the hill tonight after a very long day/week/month/life...
on a quest to attend Relief Society. As I was leaving (15 minutes early- I needed out)
Jimmy nonchalantly stated, "you should go shopping or something to pass the time..."

Hahahaah! Poor Jimmy- he gave me PERMISSION!
ANd so, rather than go to RS, I headed over to the outlets and hit some sweet sales. WOuld you like to know the best part of my evening, though?

I fit back into Banana Republic and actually bought stuff there!!!
The cherry on top?
I was in the fitting room and had to ask for a SMALLER size!!!!!!!!
I have NEVER had to do that!
You guys, I cried.

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Melissa and Matt said...

That is so awesome! You are amazing!