I'm really tired.
Does this count as my blogging for the day?
Please say yes.

If this does not suffice, I can always explain why I am so tired.
Woke up early to prepare myself and three children for the day.
Dropped off littles at Nana's, took Kate to school in Vallejo, drove back up to Napa for a meeting with caterers for upcoming event. Then went to party rental to choose tables, chairs and dishes. Picked Kate back up in Vallejo. Went to the linen rental warehouse to choose linens. Draw up a contract. Text and email in the car while Kate does homework. Pick up littles. Take whole family to a resource meeting for foster care. Come home to dog doo doo all over the carpet. Clean that up. Make dinner for the whole family and in-laws so my father in law can come clean the carpets. Toilet in Kate's bathroom clogs and overflows. Can't fix it. Put kids to bed. Try to take a shower to wash off this day. Shower handle breaks. Jimmy goes down to hardware store to buy a part. Out of three bathrooms in the house, not a single one is in total complete working order. Shower broken in one, sink broken in another and toilet broken in the third. It's like a round robin trying to get ready for bed.
You guys, I am exhausted.

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