Changing tide

I had never been to a ward combining type meeting before this morning.
It was strange.
The tension in the room was neither positive nor negative, yet hardly neutral.
When a meeting is so directed by the spirit, it feels otherworldly.
I did fine. I was fine. I had no problems with the change.
And then our dear friend, who grew up Jewish and joined the church in her 60's, came to hug me and say goodbye. We were who she chose to spend her first ever Christmas with. She has been to every birthday dinner at our home. She is our family. I just started sobbing! It's not that I won't see this friend anymore, it will just be different.
The paradoxical feelings I have are a tumult in my heart.
I know we will settle in nicely.
We will handle the change like champs.
But how I will dearly miss my Napa 2 Ward Family.

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