Say yes

As part of a group text, I get messages every once in awhile asking advice. Sometimes a member of the text will share an inspirational thought. The best is when a funny story is relayed. However, there are a few instances when a texter needs help. This afternoon, one such text came through.
"Help girls. There is a wedding today at the church at 4:00. These poor 20 year olds have nothing. I need serving dishes and anything to help. I just bumped into the sister missionaries frantically shopping with no budget."
Who better to help?!
And so everyone on this group text sprung into action. Each one of us had something to offer, even if just an uttered prayer.

I loaded my car with what was needed and headed down the hill at lightning speed. When I got to my friend's house, she jumped in the car and we sped over to the house where the reception would be held. Upon entering the house, we saw six missionaries with panic drawn faces. There was a hodgepodge of food and little heart shaped doilies hanging from the ceiling as the only meager decorations. While we were looking around, the father of the young groom said in Spanish, "See, people do care about you!"
My friend and I assessed the situation and got to work. We hopped in the car and said a prayer. The spirit that entered my car during the prayer had me in tears.
This couple was special.
I could feel God's love for them.
Food and flowers were purchased. Tables and chairs were loaded up. The bride's bouquet was hand tied (by me!) and a boutonniere wrapped. All the things we rounded up were brought back to the reception site and we rolled up our sleeves. It was a flurry of movement. Things happened so fast that it was hard to tell who's hands did what. Working in a foreign kitchen is tricky. But working in a foreign kitchen where you can't find a can opener or scissors or pot holders can get down right frantic. But it was okay. We improvised. And may have scorched a plastic placemat in hopes to use it as a potholder (I thought it was fabric). And I poked holes in the top of cans with a bottle opener when I couldn't find a can opener. The dish soap magically disappeared. The icemaker went on strike. There was one little speed bump after another. But time after time, there was something to save the day. Another texter showed up with all the desserts. Someone offered to watch kids. Others offered to help pitch in to pay for everything. It was a whirlwind of service.
After all the hard work, everything looked great.
The couple showed up.
The groom's family showed up.
We learned that the bride's family did not come. My heart broke. It had been a beautiful small service. As the mother of the groom explained it, she also said, "My wedding was just like this. My family did not come. I was getting married so I could get baptized. But no one" as she spread her arms wide, "did all this for us." I excused myself because my emotion was getting the better of me.
In the car driving away, I was overcome with so much gratitude. With tears streaming down my face I just thanked God that I was able to help. I am so grateful that I said yes. This experience taught me so much.
The friend that sent out the SOS text said this, "I was shopping this morning at Target and had already gotten my cart out. I felt the need to go to Safeway instead. Who does that?? Well, I did it anyway. As I was checking out, I saw the sister missionaries with the groom trying to shop for what they needed at Safeway. The missionaries had pleading in their eyes. I knew I was in the right place at the right time. I am so glad I followed that prompting." And then the text was sent out and the rest is history.
I have a solid testimony that God loves his children. He hears prayers. He allows us to see his miracles everyday, if we just open our eyes. And say yes. Always say yes.

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