Bottom to the top

Today was busy!
I went shopping for four events- one of which I cannot wait to share in a future post.
Another of the events is a wedding where the bride and groom have chosen to have an ice cream bar. While shopping at Target I had two emotions running through me:
1) Temptation- I had to put things in my cart that are all on the no-no list of the health challenge I am doing right now.
2) Shame- just look at what I was pushing around in my cart.
Not a single healthy thing in there, folks.
A third 'event' I purchased food for was the photo shoot I will be having tomorrow with fancy pants food. Because I'm launching a website. FINALLY. One of the things I forgot to purchase was scallops. Because I buy all my seafood at Whole Foods, I totally forgot to pop in there amongst the many stores I entered. The pouring rain made the day ultra hard. That, and the grumpy cashier at Trader Joe's. In the decade I've been shopping at TJ's I have never, ever met a rude cashier. I did today. And because Trader Joe's is my happy place, I felt violated. I walked around the rest of the day in such sorrow. In all seriousness, I was more than upset. I think I might go back a bring that cashier a cookie tomorrow, then he'll be nice to me. But I digress.
So, the combination of emotion and inclement weather caused me to miss a stop in my shopping trip. Jimmy had to run out and get the scallops at 9:00 tonight. He texted me in a panic. Whole Foods had run out! I asked for head on shrimp- none! Lobster tail?! YES! He grabbed the tail and came home. When Jimmy walked in the door, without a word, he just held up the wrapped seafood and:

Because there were two things I needed and the counter did not have- I got my lobster for FREE! And they were closing up shop. But, yay. Guys, for the stressful day I've had. A day that caused me to sit for a full five minutes in a daze, responding to no one, just got better.

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