Kate's got the good daughter thing down

Last night Kate said, "Mom, I really want to get the kids ready tomorrow. Will you sleep in?"
Will I sleep in?
WILL I sleep in?
Will I SLEEP IN?!?!?!
Ummm.... hmm... do I really need to think before answering? No. No I do not.
And because Kate likes to spoil her mother, she also brought in breakfast in bed.

Egg whites with spinach and mushrooms. A bagel with peanut butter. Freshly squeezed orange juice. And because she let the littles help, pizza flavored goldfish crackers.
Every time a mother gets breakfast in bed, an angel gets their wings.
But every time a mother gets a breakfast in bed that is delicious, the whole choir of angels gets a trip to Cabo and a winning lottery ticket. Forget wings. Wings are for suckers.

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