Have your people call my people

imagine you're a Hollywood Star.
And you had a vision of grandeur.
So you went up to Wine Country to make that vision a reality.
And hired a specialist to tour you around the most gorgeous places the Valley of the Moon has to offer.
You were taken to a rose garden.
Century old ruins.
Sweeping vineyard views.
A terraced, ivy covered courtyard.
A lodge at the top of a cliff.
Stories high brick castle.
A charming, remote ranch.

I may not be a complete specialist and they may not have been Hollywood stars, but I got to spend the day making someone's dream come true in the most beautiful of settings. It felt like heaven.
Goodness gracious, I love my job.

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Scorchi said...

Inquiring minds want to know why you got to do that, and who the people were. Just between you and me. I won't tell a soul.