Wow. TODAY. Today!

Cool stuff is going on over in the House of Graham.
Started the day off better than the previous few, as I had a couple doses of antibiotics in me and a better night sleep and, oh yeah, the excitement of TODAY!

Because what did I have planned today, I ask you? well, why would I ask you.. it's my blog. I'm telling the story. You, dear reader, are the one trying to figure why the freak out I keep writing 'today'. This is why: I got to be a vendor in the Sketchbook Series! Not jumping up and down yet? This is why you should be:
The Sketchbook Series is a National series of seminars traveling from city to city where Mary Phan from Very Mary Inspired teaches professionals from the creative careers how to properly and beautifully sketch for their business and clients. But folks, this is not just seminar. It is planned and hosted by event professionals! Like, big people in this field. Companies featured in big name stuff.

That's a gist of what the Sketchbook Series is...
but what I got to do was feed them all. Seriously. The best. The best of the best. I walked into the building feeling like a kindergartener in a university. Just entering the lobby with its expertly designed textures was a breath of fresh, gorgeous air. Every person I passed was more gorgeous than the next. And all their offices- cannot even. Upon receptionist's delivery of myself into the conference room, I was floored. Every surface was jaw droppingly styled to match a dream board created by Roque Events. Every single tiny detail was coordinated in such harmony, I swear I walked into a dream. There was grass growing as a backdrop on the wall. And tiny gold bud vases everywhere filled with all shades of bright orange and pink buds of fresh flowers. The sign showcasing my food was hand crafted by Laura Lambrix herself. It was an honor. 

That's all the best of it. The worst of it- I came in with a cart full of food with a janky wheel. It was awful. The sound I made passing all of those chic offices brought stares. Approaching the conference room delivered anxiety I don't think I have felt in this earthly state. But, I had to put my chin up and walk in that room with the screeching cart and interrupt an artist at work to bring them my humble food. Once I had done my duty, I waited for a photo op and left. They are posting my info and photos for the next year. and tagging me in their PR. Such an opportunity I could not even imagine. And I had it TODAY.

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