Because what's a family, if not crazy?

Huge family dinner tonight.
Well, not so huge. Just a little huge. But I really like to use caps lock for effect. I can say that it was a little wacky. There were 10 adults and 10 children. It is rare to have man to man defense at family dinners, but I think we were okay. For the most part. If okay means, no ambulance was required. Because otherwise, I might use different words to describe how the night went.
Anxiety inducing.
A little scary.
But folks, we survived!

P.S.- my children were perfect. If perfect means that one climbed the piano and another smeared diaper contents all over the bathroom and another broke a plumbing fixture and then one also shattered a plate and their sibling tore their Sunday dress and stuffed my phone in their diaper... Angels, I tell you.

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