Doubly grateful

Last night, after the joy I felt receiving my logo.
Well, and making this for somebody:

Who wouldn't feel joy with that cake in their presence, ammiright?!
I came home shivering and spiked a super high fever.
Rather than do anything else, I laid on the floor in the fetal position in front of the fire. All night.
Instead of getting to rest, I had a wedding a birthday party to cater today.
And so, I went to work.
And sat on the ground.
And my staff buzzed around me and did everything.
While I couldn't swallow due to a sore throat.
While I couldn't stand up without feeling faint.
They took care of every detail.
My mother in law came to help.
My daughter came to help.
Both parties were a success.
Thank goodness for the amazing people I have in my life!

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