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This year, our home was bogged down by Holiday Goodies.
We had all kinds of confections hanging around the house.
Just when I thought I had contracted permanent dental damage from all the sweets, Jimmy came home with home baked goods from his coworkers. I was happy that they shared, but seriously dreaded the insurmountable task of the necessary bite from each tin. You know, so I wouldn't be lying when I told them how good everything was when I see them at the office party.
The first tin was fudge- creamy, delicious, sweet.
Then came the thumbprint cookies- crumbly, rich, sweet.
I had gotten into the groove of things and prepared myself for the sugar overload that would come with my final bite.
Upon opening the last tin, I had an almost deflated reaction... home made Chex Mix. Seriously? I was not excited to take the obligatory bite, but I love my husband and I did not want to disappoint. (Because I'm sure out of all the crazy things I do, refusing to try a bite of cereal snack mix would be the top offender...)
I grabbed the smallest little handful I could and munched on it mindlessly.
And then, like a literal switch being flicked, my eyes lit up. With out using a single word, I grabbed the tin and sat in a corner of the couch and started munching away. It was just the reverie I needed to pull me from my perma-sugar coma. I think Kate even tried to snatch a piece and I slapped her hand away. It seems cloudy in my mind but I think I might have even hissed a little...
And so a monster was born. I started thinking about Chex Mix nonstop. You think I am kidding. That I am just saying this to be funny. No joke, I thought about the snack mix so much that it became a mini obsession. When I was in full blown cereal mode, I started seeing the bags everywhere. It got to be so humorous that each new sighting warranted a picture sent via text to Jimmy.

And to curb the cravings and sleepless nights. I broke down and got all the ingredients needed to make my dreams come true.
I did it. I made the perfectly customized homemade dream. Extra nuts, no wheat chex and miso for flavoring. My hard work yielded two gallon sized bags of the heavenly savory treat. It lasted 36 hours. My work here is done.

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